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Corporate Law.

Our corporate practice considers all aspects related to the organization and the functioning of civil as well as commercial corporations including advice and assistance regarding their corporate structure and continuation (drafting minutes, keeping corporate books and records, execution of powers of attorney, etc.) as well as assistance with respect to mergers, corporate reorganizations, transformation of corporations, their dissolution and liquidation.† In addition, we provide legal advice related to foreign investment, strategic planning of companies, acquisition, privatization, joint venture.

It is part of our services to prepare and negotiate all kindsí commercial and civil contracts, including contracts related to joint ventures, technical assistance, provision of services, buying and selling of assets and shares, distribution, commercial agencies and commissions.

Moreover, we actively participate in the formalization of all kinds of national as well as international business transactions, like the establishment of subsidiaries in Mexico, joint ventures and strategic alliances.

We will assist you in the preparation and execution of the documents necessary to adopt any corporate decision made by your company after incorporation, including the following services:

  • Counsel and advice on foreign investment, negotiation and structures, filings with the Department of Foreign Relations (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores) to organize a company, including clauses to admit or exclude foreign equity participation, change of corporate name and/or structure, and to open or establish branches of foreign companies;
  • Formation of legal entities to carry out businesses, and the opening of branches, representative offices, and permanent establishments.
  • Advice on agencies, associations, distributions, commissions, and in general, agreements with the private and public sectors;
    Drafting of articles of incorporation or of association of corporations, limited liability non-stock companies, partnerships, civil associations, non-profit organizations, and other legal entities.
  • Shareholders' agreements, including joint ventures and other types of associations;
  • Minutes of shareholders and board meetings and all documents for the preparation and holding thereof, in regard to resolutions relating to the approval of fiscal year results, amendments to articles of incorporation, mergers,† transformations or corporate restructures.
  • Powers of attorney, general and special, and the protocolization thereof as required;
  • Arrangements with notaries public and commercial brokers (corredores publicos) to formalize legal transactions, including registration of documents in the files of a notary public and recording of corporate minutes if necessary, and securing the authentication of signatures, certification of documents and public instruments, including the conveyance or encumbrance of real property and of shipping, and obtaining of a public record of transactions.
  • Dissolution, liquidation, and reorganization procedures.
  • Corporate record maintenance and registration in the Commercial Public Registry (Registro Publico de Comercio) of corporate documents including charters, amendments, branches, general powers of attorney.
  • Contract, drafting, and structuring of transactions.
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