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Notary Services.


Since a great volume of our work must be notarized and /or signed before a Notary Public, WITHOUT PROVIDING NOTARY SERVICES AND WITHOUT BEING OUR PARTNERS OR ASSOCIATES NOTARY PUBLICS in our office we have created strategic working relationships with some of the most experienced notary publics in the area, this help Us provide a better and safer service to our clients.

With the help of those experienced notary publics and in response to the growing need for formalization  of  the businesses in Mexico, our practice group is renowned for its experience in providing a wide range of public attest or services by authorized commercial brokers and notaries public for credit transactions, real estate and mortgage operations as well as for a complete range of secured transactions and corporate instruments (incorporation of legal entities including corporations, formalization of shareholders and/or members meeting minutes and board of directors/managers meeting minutes including administrative advising sessions and execution of powers of attorney), documentation of trusts, wills and estates, acquisition and sale of property, zoning operations, establishment of condominiums, industrial, commercial and residential subdivisions and any other kind of civil or commercial operations.

 The complete range of services offered by authorized public brokers is available from our commercial brokerage practice group including certification of documents, service of process for notices and value appraisals on commercial transactions.

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